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02-04.08.2019 NSA Turnering, SBTSC-NO

Nordic Staffords Athletics

Nr 2 i 17'' klassen, Nr 38 av 49 totalt

Sprint 100 m: 9,23 (Black star)

Sprint 50 m: 5,22 (Black star)

Hangtime: 5 min

1 min A-frame: 24 vendinger

Tug of War: 2 min - Winner!

10 min Trackmill run: 75

Longjump: 240 cm

Hight jump: 187,5 cm (Black star)

50 m Sprintpull: ? (fullført)

Utstilling NSA 2019, 04.08.2018, ved Marco De Kruijk

Resultat: Exl SBT, shortlisted top 5 Stafford males, 2nd best male at the show

Judge: Marco De Kruijk

Midtjysk Greyhound Stadion i Danmark 9.6.2019

Solo løps lisens

Dog show at NSA 2018, 19.08.2018, by Marco De Kruijk & Jeanine de Kruyk

Trygve 5,5 months

A type of SBT that need time to develop.

Well balanced with old fashion looks.

Perfect ang. And length of limb.

Sad to se narrow under jaw.

Could be more free in temp.

Skin sensitivity.

Correct length / hight.

Look forward to see him in a year or two.

Promising puppy.

Movement suitable to age.

Judge: Marco De Kruijk

Valpetest/personlighetstest ved 7 uker gamle 17.04.2018

Testleder: Snorre Skistad / Hund helt på grensen